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DIY Monogram Google Drawings -ohjelmalla

9.10.2017 3 Comments

Viime kesäisten häiden innoittamana halusin tehdä meille häämonogrammin. Monogrammi on siis nimikirjainsommitelma, joka on usein hieman taiteellisempi näkemys nimikirjaimista. Meille monogrammi symboloi hääpäivämme ”logoa”. Sitä voimme käyttää kutsuissa, ohjelmassa, opasteissa yms….

Behind the blog is writing Finnish woman who moved 8 years ago to Switzerland. I am married with Swiss husband and we have baby boy born in August 2019. We live in small village in middle of countryside next to the Swiss alps. I love everything that is visual and creative. Therefore interior, baking and traveling are big part of the blog besides the normal life. I also would like to know you as a reader. I am happy to receive your comments, greetings or feedback. Welcome on board!





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